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Practicing to Become Accustomed to Spiritual Living

Sometimes my clients will want me to do their practice FOR them. By this, I mean, I give them amazing tools and strategies to use but they will tell me they still do not know HOW to DO something. It appears at first that they just want a bigger list of “how to.” Upon looking into deeper, it is often just a misunderstanding about how to get good at anything. It takes PRACTICE. The clients who are seeking to “unlearn” some of their hurtful habits get this. They know they have practiced crazy mindsets for a long time. The evidence is everywhere. It is overtly obvious.

People who are more covert in their seeking help often blame others for their behaviors and are willing to practice suggesting what others “should” do. This person has usually not removed their own logs. Logs in our eyes are a way we blind ourselves to ways we “ALREADY” know to use to practice the Spiritual Life. For example, we all know that you will reap what you sow into. Therefore, if you are constantly complaining about others and thinking they are the problem, you are practicing JUDGMENT and you will be judged.

There is a saying that goes, “Practice what you preach.” This is a truth. YOU cannot teach or preach to others anything that you are not currently doing yourself or you are a hypocrite. We all do this at times, but for many, it is a lifestyle. Living the Spiritual Life means to Practice a new life with a new style of behaving. Think of it this way. When styles change, we usually get rid of the old things we wore that don’t suit the latest in fabrics or style. Hopefully, you are not still wearing clothes from 25 years ago and hopefully, you are not still wearing the behavioral styles of 25 years ago. You have practiced a more mature way that fits who you are at this age.

Practice means we do change our style of relating to ourselves God and others. WE grow and change with the Help of the Holy Spirit. You might remain in the dark or have a log in your eye keeping you blind to your need to grow and change. If so, seek help from others and God by asking what it is you might not be seeing about yourself. This is a good practice when you are ready to hear truth! Practice journaling and working out the issues that are a constant “plague” to you. This will help you uncover the things you need to unlearn (conditions or practices you were taught or picked up a long time ago that are not serving you well now).

Spiritual practice means unlearning some old styles of behaving and thinking while learning NEW ways to get better and better at being spiritual. Always remember, however, that the BEST PRACTICES for your Spirit are to be partnered with the Holy Spirit to help with the transformation. YOU can work on being more kind and practicing kindness but , apart from the Holy Spirit working the transformation of your mind and heart, it will not become the NEW WAY of living. When a thing becomes the new custom in your life, you will have quick awareness if the “old way” finds it way back in. You will get help for the correction from agreement with your new self, taken over by the Holy Spirit and you will get right back on track. Trust that you are a work in progress and the training is working! Never give up! Practice!

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