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Traditions of Men

One of the hardest things in my life that kept me from growing and maturing my Spiritual walk was the past influences that laid the foundations for how I saw God. The way we think about God growing up and the way we are conditioned to believe (or not) about God is the way we will go until we break free from traditions of men. By traditions, I mean the rituals or doctrines that were indoctrinated or taught to you as a child. There are usually programs and other beliefs we hold or oppose that we were taught as children.

The main thing to understand is that the spiritual life is personal first and that means how you relate to your spirit and the Spirit of God. Those two must get connected. You can be in church and not be connected to Christ or God at all. You can even be doing “works” or whatever religious traditions you are involved in and still not have that personal connection at the higher realms. If that is true, you will know as your heart is not really engaged in the passion of the work but it feels more like “going through the motions.”

It feels like you are on a treadmill in all your life. You are running around but not going anywhere or feeling the passion of God’s love. No new things are calling. Living this way calls for self reflection. Check in to see what it is that you are “doing.” Is it what you LOVE or are you doing it because you THINK you should? Only grace through faith has made you righteous and the greatest thing God would love is your heart….all of it. Do not withhold any piece out of fear or guilt or shame!

When you move and have your BEING according to the connection you have with God, you know it. Your spirit sings with the Holy Spirit and is in sync in all you do. YOU will feel free and enjoy all that life offers. When you are out of balance or leaning more into a tradition or religious way, you will do it as if it is a “law” that you should obey. Should feelings really come from guilt or fear that you are not doing enough. Worse yet, they can be hindrances that come from “fear of not BEING enough.”

When we feel our way of being is not enough, that is shame and it is not from God. It is from the Accuser in us that tries to get us to believe in a tradition or a program that is not from God. When you know God, you feel His Spirit and you sense His Way. He leads and you are glad to follow. You do not do it from duty or obligation or a feeling of “should.” You do it with joy and gladness. Check in with your feelings to see what is motivating you in any way that you serve God. Be sure it is coming from a heart of joy!

I will be posting a blog on people pleasing that connects with this one. The people pleasing attitude or doing what humans think you should be doing is really tied to this “traditions of men.” They are wrapped in the same package of false beliefs that keep you bound to what you have been programmed to think about God vs. knowing Him personally and relating to His Love through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

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