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Sowing Seeds Through This Spiritual Practice

At the top of my list of favorite Spiritual Practices is keeping a spiritual journal. I have been journaling for over 25 years and I cannot tell you what a difference it makes. I began my journaling by just writing responses to Scriptural readings or devotions. I would write prayers or responsive prayers to the reading material. Soon, I expanded by asking questions of God or telling God how I was feeling (like He didn’t already knowJ, but it helped me to get in touch with those feelings instead of burying them). My journal became a “friend” and a way to process all kinds of things.

Keeping a Spiritual Journal helps to both sow and reap your growth. You sow into the journal in whatever ways you want. You can write teachings, sermons/podcasts you enjoy, copy special messages, write Scripture verses that speak to you, process anger or losses you need to deal with, and a host of other things (as you can imagine). Journaling is good because writing has to pass from your mind down through your body and out your hand onto the paper. This makes it real to you when you see the words in print on your paper.

Journaling can give you lots of relief from pressing problems. Sometimes, just writing them down feels like you have let them go. You may also find it to be a way of working out solutions or noticing patterns you did not see by merely thinking about an issue. Ideas come to mind through the Holy Spirit as you write because you are focused on a topic and it takes thinking to process. I personally think that journaling offers a way to sow seeds to help us grow new understandings from the Holy Spirit. Asking questions of God will produce answers in ways you might not otherwise hear.

Sowing seeds in your journal through questions, statements, and even commands gives you an opportunity to “cultivate” and water your inner garden. These are your private thoughts and intimate time with God. That time will grow the relationship like no other. Other practices are helpful, but this one keeps a record of the growth. You can refer back to your journal any time to want to remember something or check your growth. It is just a great tool to use to sow into your spirit led life.

I read some of my own journals and find them so interesting. Sometimes, I laugh to think of how I once perceived something so differently. There are other times when I am amazed as I read and think, “Wow, I cannot believe I knew that!” At other times, I read them and I am reminded that I am still growing in a certain area that I was challenged with a decade ago! Try this form of Spiritual practice. I am sure you will not be disappointed with the harvest you receive from your sowing time!

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