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Treating unholy Seeds and Planting New Holy Seeds

I almost entitled this treating BAD seeds, but I like the word, unholy better. I want to get away from comparative words of judgment like good vs. bad or right vs. wrong. I know God works best when we cut out all judgment, especially our self-judgment. I will actually call judgment and judgmental attitudes as unholy seeds. The Bible says not to judge lest we be judged as well. Judgments are always based on some kind of perception from our inner mind settings. These settings cannot be trusted because of the knowledge of good and evil. WE are trained and conditioned by other humans that give out these judgments. That contaminates our thinking. Only God knows what is good and what is bad! WE can be convicted of things that are unholy for us but they may not be for others. We all have our own “thorns” or weaknesses that may not be a weakness for another person.

Unholy seeds are up to you to inventory within yourself as Matthew 7 tells us to do. We are unable to see the faults in others when we have our own logs to clear. It is very important to find the ungodly and unrighteous things that plague us as they block our spiritual growth. Like weeds, unholy seeds grow bigger and taller and overshadow or cover the light for the good plants if we do not get rid of them. The Holy Spirit is your treatment fro helping weed your human garden. You will be convicted of something that you are doing that is not right if you are listening to the wise counsel of the Holy Spirit led life.

Once you see how to treat these unholy seeds, you are also going to be given help from the Holy Spirit to get rid of them. Some are easy to remove but some are tough and their roots go back two or three generations. These are usually more ungodly patterns than just simple behaviors. For example, you may have a huge lust problem. That is most likely a generational issue. While all people may struggle with lust, some can root it out easier than others. It is up to you to ask for help to remove strongly held seeds of unholiness that are choking out your good seeds.

Once you discover the unholy seeds and treat them for removal, understand that where you were once weak, you will become strong in the spiritual realm. That is often the reason they are so hard to take out. You might be used in a huge way to help others who have those same “weeds.” In order to stay free of unholy seeds, you will not only need to treat them with some form of removal or alteration, you must replant good seeds to take their place or the space you left will leave room for them to come back. You know this with your garden. If you weed a patch, you have to keep it free of the old weeds until the new plants are big and strong enough to take over that space.

You cannot plant enough new seeds of these. You need to keep planting and sowing these seeds through the Power of the Spirit led life continuously so they keep growing and growing.

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