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Uprooting The Old Garden Varieties

I am keeping the theme of March as we march towards Spring! My Springtime focus is in coordination with living the Spirit Led Life that produces fruit from the Spirit. Hindrances to Living the Spirit led life are many and multi-layered if you are unaware or ignorant to them. The major hindrance is not knowing who you are in the Spiritual Realm. Your Identity in Christ must be revealed to you so you can get rid of human roots and cultivate your mind and body. If you “think” of yourself as the human being you are to yourself and others, you will never lead the Spirit led life.

YOU will have NO power to live under the power given from the Holy Spirit if He is blocked by your human being trying to be good enough by “human doing” instead of your Spirit Being in One Spirit with Christ. YOU are In Christ and need to be run by His Power not your human power.

Jesus said you cannot serve two masters. That is what he meant. YOU will not be able to go back and forth trying to do it yourself (DIY) and when you get stuck, call the Spiritual Tow Truck. It doesn’t work that way. It can to some extent but you will keep breaking down. Living under the One Master means living solely influenced by your new Identity that Christ gives you….living as a Son or Daughter of God. Our Father and Jesus’ Father are the Same.

If I still think of myself as separate from God and living as though I am a product of my human parents, I will be conditioned by their teachings and the teachings of other humans. Under the new birth, I am now adopted into living under the Kingdom of Heaven and abiding from that kingdom. There is one rule….know God and live the Spirit led life through offloading the human lines (old roots from the Garden of Eden deceptions and human lines that go back to that split tree). When you connect to the Divine Line, you have constant access to the Throne Room. Think of it as though you are the President or close to him and you have a private line to tons of information that is secret to others.

Connecting to God’s Private Line gives you an advocate in the Holy Spirit who is always available for help in whatever you need. YOU just claim your son or daughter status, drop the fearful and guilty lines so you can hear clearly without those hindrances and follow what you are being trained and disciplined to know. It will be hard at first because we are so used to being hindered or unable to hear God. You have to learn a new language of freedom that opens your heart to flow freely in Divine Love. Knowing you are loved unconditionally removes the old roots of garden variety shame and blame shadows.

All perceptions are seen through the unconditional love of God that sets you free to follow His will for you as you discover that is far better than “doing” anything apart from that leading. YOU actually find out that apart from God, you can do nothing. In Him, you can do all things, even the impossible because you have the Power of the Holy Spirit as your generator, support, and full supply to remove all the old roots that once had a stranglehold over you.

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