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Treating yourself and others to the Fruit of the Spirit

On a recent trip to California, I had some REALLY good fruit. We were able to get fresh strawberries from the fields at a roadside stand. OMG, they were so yummy and juicy. In addition, we stayed with friends who have an orange tree in their backyard. The good fruit off that tree was so amazingly sweet and full of taste! We treated ourselves to plenty of that good fruit!

The Bible at times compares people to fruit trees or grapevines. God is seen as the owner of the orchard or vineyard. Jesus is referred to as the Master that describes character by spiritual fruits (Matthew 12:33). We are likened to a tree with either good, bad or no fruit. God defines “good” fruit to come from the fruit of righteousness that is only able to be produced from His Spirit, not ours. Only god has the supreme treatment plan and is the Author that gives the authority to define good and evil. That is man’s problem. He tries to be “good” apart from God. OR, man “thinks” he knows good and goes about “doing good” from his limited human perception (which is always biased toward lacking goodness).

There is only ONE way to produce the fruit of righteousness or uprightness before God and that is to know God and relate to the Righteous offer He gives through Christ. Jesus Christ contains the fruit bearing gift that “makes” you right before God. It is a free gift. When you accept the freedom that Christ offers, you receive a whole treatment plan. It comes with perks and favors and insurance with no extra charge for “pre-existing conditions.” All humans carry the old conditions of “not good enough.” When you receive the Gift of salvation through Christ, you move into the true position and image you were made to be known in—child of God. When you treat yourself to that Association and Gift of Grace, your new Creature wakes up. YOU remember your worth and value is not based on human conditioning or human bondages. Those have been paid in full. All you do is believe you receive this status.

Treating yourself to inherent worth and value as God defines you awakens your consciousness to coherent mind settings. You begin to treat yourself well through a new clear and lucid mind vs. the old brain full of illogical chaos and confusion. One voice treats you to kindness. It is an inner voice coming from the Holy Spirit. Jesus said He would give an advocate to speak for us and that we would know and recognize that voice. It’s like knowing the voice of your mother or father. YOU recognize it and you respond to it over the noise of those who do not treat you well.

Treating yourself well and treating others well from THE MAIN WELL waters our spirits and keeps refreshing our inner garden to cultivate more of this juicy fruit from the Spirit of God. We know and become known by this Fruit that is God’s Will for us to know. It tastes good, feels good, is good and treats us to higher and higher quality ways of living. Life is revealed from the position of being a Branch on the Divine Tree of Life. There is zero doubt as to who you are and what position you carry when you are under the Influence of the Holy Spirit. YOU know you are under new management that is Supernatural and gives the BEST fruit you ever tasted!

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