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Solutions filled with Human Pollutions

As a counselor, I am always helping my clients find solutions to their problems. My clients know that every problem has a healthy solution if they can rid themselves of stinkin’ thinkin that is contaminating their well (being). Of course, all my clients are truly seeking help to uncover the blocks and hindrances that keep them “under the influence” of the old toxins of the past. If you are not in therapy or have never seen a good therapist (counselor), you will not know what I mean by seeking. Seeking to me means you are willing to take responsibility for your life, do the work and own it! You do not blame others or disown people by making them the fault of your problems. You are actually pursuing or in search of taking the “log” out of your own eye vs. removing the speck in others. You admit that you are not a victim!

The biggest spiritual hindrances are always made by blaming others for your problems instead of seeking solutions so you can be on your way to healed living. WE are all victims just by being human. We have fallen prey to others’ treatments that contaminated our true spiritual self. No one escapes this victimization. There is no way to compare one person’s story of being a victim to another. No story is worse or better. They are all just stories full of harsh treatment and other contaminants. All of the unclean ways we are raised with hurt our spirit through judgment handed down by everyone we have ever known. That sounds like “bad news.” It could be if you did not know how to find a solution to all this pollution. There is “GOOD NEWS” and His name is Jesus. He comes as son of man (just like us, human in form) but shows us how to live as the Son of God (we all are-the sons and daughters of God).

Operating under the human pollution system, all of us are doomed to remain unconscious to our birthright-to know who our Father really is. But, knowing Christ changes that problem. We are given a renewed mind and an awake spirit to seek (and, KNOW) full understanding of our true identity. The solution to all the inner pollution and dis-ease with our own being and others’ is to KNOW the ONE who made all the rules and has all the answers. There is no secret code to this way of life. YOU do have to make a choice everyday to live humanly or godly. Living godly means you have surrendered your life to One Master vs. living any “old way” you choose with your own mastery (that lacks whole integration of mind, body and spirit and leaves you in the dark or feeling separated from God and His help). All humans have free choice on what they believe and have a right to determine how to live. Free will is even given to all to remain in the dark. Yes, God gives you free will to choose the life of lies and be under a brain filled with dark shadows from pain and suffering that comes with the human condition. Granted, most people would not choose that if they knew how to remove the blinders that block understanding. In order to know anything, however, you have to seek to KNOW it. If you don’t look, you won’t find.

Many people use the excuse of how others act to choose how they live. That is a big mistake. Please do not let the way others behave make your decision. You are not responsible for judging others or how they are living. YOU are only responsible for you and your life story. That story was handed to you to be restored by God. Therefore, the solution to all your problems is to get to Know the Author of your story and the Love God offers so your eyes open to see clearly and understand the story. Knowing God allows you to receive the Holy Spirit help that moves out the pollution so you can see, hear, and gain new senses. New perceptions include how to behave in your new life led by the “Answer Key” to all your problems. It really is that simple. Believe and receive new perceptions that help you achieve!

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book:

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