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Accessing Intimacy with your Spiritual Ancestry

It is very popular nowadays to go to a website like to find out who your human ancestors really were so you can know your lineage. While that might be interesting or fun, it is not the truth of anyone other than your human bloodlines. When you grow up under the influence of human ancestral thinking, you are only getting the picture of your origins according to your human ancestors. You may be thinking, “Yes, and that is important to know for health reasons, etc.,” but you would not be accessing accurate understanding through prioritizing your humanity over your spiritual ancestry.

We are only human in body form so we can be seen and known as humans. That leaves us little and “thinking” we belong to a certain race or culture or mortals. According to God’s Word, we are not mere mortals unless we separate and deny our spiritual lineage. Without the Spirit of God, we are merely mortal flesh destined to die-dust to dust and ashes to ashes. We will rot and be nothing without the breath of life through the Spirit of God alive and intimate with us. Think about this deeply. If you think you are separate from God, you are living a lie. You are being robbed of your supernatural nature and living as a person of human lines (only son of man). You will work and operate with raw human nature and only DO works or work that is meaningless. You will not be able to inherit the Kingdom you were created to live from. (Galatians 5:21).

Spiritual Intimacy-what is it? It is the closeness gained by understanding who you are and gaining familiarity (base word to familiary: family) with your position as “child of God.” God made your spirit from His own image. If you are not associating fully with the Image of God, you are lacking and missing the mark of your true Father’s Best (that is the meaning of sin-missing the mark). It is a matter of not knowing your Dad or the lineage that created you. God gives you detailed knowledge of your close relationship to Him through the Power of Spiritual Intimacy. Jesus came to show us what it looks like to live under human as

sociations. It is not going to end well. YOU will be condemned and suffer at the hands of humans no matter how well your life appears to be lived. Jesus made all things equal by giving everyone a way to know their heritage with God as Father. Since He knew and remembered God as His REAL Father, He was able to resist the temptations to accept less than full position as SON of God. We all have that same opportunity now.

The intimate relationship with God is restored through Christ by making a new way to be a new creature (born again with a renewed mind). The human brain is and always will be susceptible to hijack and lack of connection to God because it is programmed to believe in the separation and lack of remembering “Our Father” in heaven. Once that veil is lifted, you gain a new and fully awakened consciousness that opens your eyes and spirit to the Light. The Light gives insight to truth and thoughts that allow freedom in the truth of your identity to flow freely through you. This makes you the recipient of Spiritual Intimacy once again. Like any close relationship, you do need to spend time alone with God so you can learn to listen and know these new truths. When you do the meditations and take the time each day to connect with God intimately, you are made more and more aware of how distorted and messed up your human brain was compared to the clarity you gain with the help of the Holy Spirit of God. The only important “into me see” (intimacy) you want is this Spiritual Connection to the Kingdom you really came from-that is your true DNA—Divine New Alignment that contains pedigree, parentage, origin and the basic understanding of what it means to be a Son or Daughter of God.

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