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Treating yourself and others to the Fruit of Forgiving

One of the hardest things to understand is forgiveness from our human perspective. When you operate from a judgmental mindset based on good vs. evil and you set your mind up to be the judge, it is even harder. Most human minds are set up in a dual mind that is critical and condemning of all that is perceived to be evil or bad. Of course, we do have moral laws and God’s Own Commands that show us the Mosaic Law. One thing many humans forget is that man is incapable of both KEEPING even one of those laws himself, therefore, is also not capable of judging others when it comes to good and evil.

I am pretty sure that we could find plenty of people who do not consider themselves judgmental but judge people all the time with a continuous tape running inside their minds that critiques others. The problem with that “tape” is that it can be an actual “tapeworm” that gets swallowed and burrows deep inside us like a parasite that needs to be fed. YOU can actually have a literal tapeworm and not know it. You can also be unconscious of having a “judge mental” tapeworm that robs your peace and forgiveness.

Jesus said that if we have a thought about something in our mind, we have done it in our hearts already because those negative thoughts come from an evil heart. YOU may be thinking that you do not have an evil heart. I am sure you do not, but holding back on forgiving someone makes you a carrier of their tapeworm. For example, it another person says an ugly comment to you or many ugly comments to you and you do not forgive them, your hurting heart carries that wound. As wounds build up that are not healed through the power of forgiveness, they get infested with more poison. Hanging on to other people’s negative words and actions makes you the carrier of their “garbage.”

Letting go of other people’s hurtful actions and words clears up space or room inside you to use for clean and healthy (healed places). If you fear that letting go means you are letting them off the hook for their injustice, think again. YOU are actually letting yourself off “their hook” that caught you up and reeled you into their lack. When you know you are enough, you do not need to pick up others’ “not enoughs” and carry them around. Forgive them their ignorance and give the wound to God to heal so you do not get wrapped up or caught up in it.

The best treatment you can give yourself is to forgive others as soon as possible…immediately, if not sooner! That way you never carry it around so it gets stinky and tapes your mind to its judgment. YOU are free to be your true self. If others do not like that person, do not worry. You are in good company. Many people do not like someone they cannot gossip with or talk negatively with because they need to feed on that energy. Treat yourself to cup after cup of forgiving energy and let God’s Spirit create the Full Being of joy and peace you are designed to be. Let the Designer BE your judge and jury. Then, you will know the trial is over and no one is supposed to be judging you. Treat yourself to grow in that mind and heart setting.

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