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Garden Variety Pests that Hinder Spirit Growth

Across the country and beyond, it is the time of planting and growing. Consider what may already be in the soil of your mind that is hindering the BEST garden growth. Like a literal garden, our mind is filled with pests and other things that bother good growth. WE need to turn over the ground or dirt we have that has been ground in for years in order to cultivate a new mind that is able to nurture our true spirit.

One of the biggest hindrances is human conflict and the way we perceive it. Many people are conflict avoidant. They do not like to face disagreements or do not know how to handle them very well. It is in our nature to not desire pain. However, when we avoid what is bothering us, we are allowing a garden-variety pest to dig in deeper. Conflict is one of the ways the Holy Spirit convicts you that change is necessary. It could be that you need to take a stand for something that is bothering you and learn how to do it in a healthy way or it could be that you need to let go of that “pest.” The only way you can know more about conflict and grow mature character is to let the Holy Spirit show you how to handle the “battle.” Typically, He wants to handle it for you but cannot do so if you avoid it. Never let conflict storm through your life without addressing it and letting it grow your Spiritual Garden.

Another common pest that hinders growth in your Spiritual Maturity is maintaining the change that you would like to see. Many of my counseling clients SEE what the issues or “pests” are and will even work with the Holy Spirit to drive them out, but they do not keep them out. In the Bible, we are warned that if we do not keep the pests out, 7 more can come back to inhabit us. Again, think in terms of gardening. I have had problems with Japanese beetles in my flower gardens. I have to be constantly paying attention to keeping them out with my organic treatments. You are like that. The Holy Spirit can help you get rid of the pests, but you must do your part in maintaining a garden in your mind that does not invite them back.

Remember that relationships can be some of the most common variety of pests. Perhaps you have a person in your life that really “bugs” you and you think if you could remove them, you could really grow spiritually. You must take a closer look at what it is that you dislike in them. It could be a pest right within you that is the same and you are actually projecting it on the screen of the other person. If that is not true, it could be a shadow of yourself that you are blind to on that spectrum you do not like in the other. For example, if they are negative and always skeptical and you hate that, you actually might be too naive and let things in that are not well boundaried. Only the Holy Spirit can show you how to fence off the garden of your mind to have well balanced thinking. YOU cannot stay centered in His Love if you are unable to be with someone without them “bugging” you.

Whatever clashes with your spirit is a common annoyance and needs transformation more than reformation. Ask for the Highest Helper to keep your Inner Spiritual Garden well tended and free of hassles so you can keep growing a mature Spirit that produces the BEST fruits from that Highest fruitful Spirit.

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