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Ask and It is Given

As I continue to teach and speak about Spiritual Intimacy, I am amazed at how many times The Spirit of God speaks of how much He has to give us that is from His goodness. God says we have not because we do not ask for it. How many of you have ever heard a human say that they are upset because a person close to them does not give them what they want---and you clearly see that is because they don’t ask but expect that other person to read their mind. Another way this shows up is that the person complaining doesn’t really KNOW what they truly want so nothing pleases them. Maybe you are even one of these persons.

When you lack Spiritual intimacy with self and God, you are in LACK-period! If you do not see into God, you cannot see into yourself. If you do not see into yourself, you cannot see into God. This is because the Spirit of God is IN you. You must seek to form a relationship of intimacy with your spirit to connect to the Holy Spirit so a flow can begin. If you are “stopped up” or cut off from this relationship, there is no flow. How can you receive water from a line that is plugged?

Intimacy must go both ways. God gives us good just by the air we breathe and the fact that we are alive. That is just the primary or low level of the relationship, however. He gives that to all humans. To those who wake up and seek Him and His love, He gives more and more of the new life and the good life He has planned. If you do not know Him, you cannot ask for that because you won’t know what you want or you will think you won’t get anything. You will be blocked by doubt and fear.

Jesus says that if we ask, seek and know, the door will open. Think about a need you may have for something and you know your neighbor has some of that thing. For example, let’s say you need some sugar and you run out. The store is open and you could run there and get it but you have the need right now. So, you know your neighbor has it and you decide to borrow from them. You go to their house and you just stand there without knocking or asking for what you want. Will you get the sugar by standing there hoping they will come out or know what you want? NO!

You may be thinking that God already knows what we want and need. This is true but doors get opened faster when you ask KNOWING He will give it to you. He loves it when we ask because we know He is Good and we trust His love. This is intimacy. Jesus said that everyone who asks receives (Matthew 7:8). He likens God to the good father who wants to give his children the good gifts they ask for and that God gives way more than human parents.

Do you have intimacy with God in this familiar way? Do you seek His help knowing He freely gives it? Do you ask and keep on asking (not begging, asking with knowing)? Are you so connected to your own inner spirit of knowing in Oneness with the Highest Spirit of Knowing, the Holy Spirit? If not, ASK, SEEK, KNOCK and the Door will open as you keep asking. YOU can trust the Spirit of Intimacy to give.

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