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Practicing Peace to Bypass Understanding

Spiritual meditation and prayer for the power of the Holy Spirit

I am hoping you have been practicing your Spiritual meditation and prayer with the Power of the Holy Spirit as I laid out a few blogs back. Remember, the Holy Spirit is a BEING, an entity given to you that is your HELPER for all you need to go deeper within your own being. If you stay on the surface and think the “noisy” way most humans think, you end up confused and chaotic lacking inner peace. Now that you “understand” how the Holy Spirit works with your spirit to help you uncover truth, you can find peace. The truth sets you into a place of freedom not to worry or operate under the influence of anxiety and grievances so you stay more in balance. Think of how you feel when you are out of balance or dizzy. That inner ear of yours is not being influenced in the peaceful mindset. You are standing under a negative.

What does it mean to have the PEACE that passes all understanding? Think about how you think when you are worried or fearful. You are all shook up and trying to calm down but the intrusive thoughts keep coming in to block your peace. You operate in a “what if” mindset that brings in the “worst case” things you can imagine. Even if you try to imagine a best case, you are still lacking peace as you might anxiously try to DO something to fix your worry. The problem is not the problem. It is a symptom that lacks peace. You are standing under a dark cloud of misunderstanding created through your own mind working against you.

Peace will take you above the perceived problem or situation and give you some clarity above your current understanding. Usually, peace is robbed because you are worried about something in the future. YOU make up different ways your situation could play out. NONE of that effort is helpful and it just creates more anxiety. Peace is the HELPER because you need a clear head and a deeper understanding led by the Power that sees and hears everything that impacts you.

When you stand under the Practice of Understanding through the Power of the Holy Spirit, you are given information you would not and could not have otherwise. The Holy Spirit is like the greatest GPS that guides you when you are unsure of the way. The more you depend on this GPS, the more you see that even if you take a path that is not the best route, you will still have an “error” Corrector to show you the way out. Without the GPS, you will be unsure and will keep taking the same or similar routes that you “think” you understand just because they are familiar, but not necessarily the most helpful.

Our human minds are cluttered with all kinds of energy that is not helpful. It clouds and shadows our understanding and robs our peace. This dark energy does not work in our best interest and takes us down the same old paths leaving us feeling powerless and often, hopeless. This is not peaceful and creates more depression. When you practice the Peace given by the Holy Helper syncing with your spirit, you are led by a Higher Hand that knows the best way for you to go. This Way will take you through tests and temptations, but you must relate to this Presence or you will not be able to hear its voice through all the noise and clatter of the lower programs. You follow the Higher Call and take the Path the Leader tells you to take. You know how to go because you will connect with a feeling of peace right within yourself.

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