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Treating Yourself to Count All Things as Joy

This form of treatment must be combined with the Highest Spiritual Power and Practice. It is nearly impossible to count ALL things as joy. Yet, this is the call of the Bible in James 1:2. James says that when you count all your situations as joy, you perceive them through the lens of testing of your faith. He says that this testing gives you endurance or strength to run the race. Think of a marathon. Life is a marathon. There are races to run and many trials to go through. When you “see” them from a filter of joy knowing you have a HOLY HELPER and can practice for these trials (races) to get strong in the Highest Powers, you can easily remain in peace and joy.

Joy comes from inside. Happiness is external and is driven by the chemicals in our brain—for example, dopamine is a happy messenger. If you are lacking joy, you will not be happy going through a “tough” time. You will resist and push against it or avoid it trying to manage it with your own strength. When you know God is allowing it to build His character and strength to rely on so you can rise above your human weaknesses, you begin to recognize the path is laid out to help you get resolve to keep going.

When you keep going forward with joy, you do rise above old ways of handling situations you do not like. YOU begin right away by asking for help from God. YOU add a trust factor of faith substance to that treatment plan. You keep asking for help to stand under faith and try not to understand through anxiety or fear filters. YOU want God to change the filters to joy- which will filter out anxiety and depression. This way, your spirits stay HIGH with the Highest Holy Spirit to guide and keep you enjoying the path even if it is a little bumpy. God will level it out when you depend on joy and peace that passes the old understanding.

Treatment from God is always action taken to cure. It is never meant to harm you or get you to take actions that will hurt you more. It is designed to make you well. The problem with all humans is that they cannot see that God is doing good in all things. Their perspective needs a paradigm shift that needs a removal of an old filter or a cleaning out and putting in of a whole new “holy filter.” Most of us need constant change and exchange in our interior energy that will balance the toxic outer energy. This alteration works like any filter on a furnace or car. The air is impure and is choking the system with its dirt. Filters are screens that can strain the outer material and alter it to be taken in for our best performance.

All things allowed by God are for our benefit. I don’t know what you are going through but I know that the way you experience it can be shifted to help you if you will ask God to help you find the JOY in it. Of course, huge tragedies of death and loss are not to be enjoyed but you ask with the understanding that you will receive something out of it that will benefit you and aid in handling your treatment plan to bring you up HIGHER in maturity and lacking in nothing. This is the promise. Life is a Journey to keep you growing and gaining Higher Grounding in depending on God.

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