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Lacking Source Love in Relationships that Hinder Spirit Growth

SOURCE Love—what is it? What do I mean by Source Love? I mean the Originator or the Author WHO is the foundation for love. There is only ONE Source of Love and that is God. God is the basis and home base. He is the Provider and the Beginning of Love. Actually, He is LOVE. The energy of love is God. A Source is the electrode that supplies the current or the rod through which it flows. If you are disconnected from God, you are not running on the power of love. YOU are unable to be conducted by Love and you cannot give love.

This may sound pretty harsh but it is true and not my words but the Words of Jesus. He says that if you are apart from His Love (His Spirit), you are in touch with nothing. As a matter of fact, your energy will burn out and you will die because it is love that gives light and feeling of well-being. All humans require love to run well. Some have convinced themselves they need no one and think they are self-sufficient. Of course, I could cite numerous examples of people who seemingly “had it all” but who are miserable and never felt loved. Check out Hollywood or even major wealthy people. You can even look around you and find people that lack love that are miserable.

This blog is not meant to prove anything. This blog is meant to help you find ways to grow Spiritually faster and more dynamically. When we do not have a loving relationship with God, the Father of Love, and Jesus, the Son who gives the Holy Sprit of Perfect love, we are limited to human love. Human love is so weak in comparison to God’s love. Of course, you can imagine that I can know an author’s writings, but if I do not personally know that author, I will not have a personal relationship to understand what he is really saying. God is like that with love. He gives us so many ways to see and know Him and His love.

You can relate to nature and see or hear God’s love. You will hear the sounds He provides through animals that show His love. You can see amazing sunsets and other things in nature that speak to you or give you joy from His Love. When you are quiet and spend time walking and talking with God through His Holy Spirit, you learn more and feel connected in the way God relates to you. He communicates in so many ways that are uniquely personal to you. The expressions are made just for you because He knows you and knows what you will enjoy. You are His Beloved.

Our human relationships are filled with chances to express God’s Love. People to people connections are lovely when God is at the Center showing intimacy. When God is not at the center, our Spiritual Growth is shaded, jaded and hindered. We are thrown off balance by another human’s lack of love. God’s Love keeps you stable in your spirit or restablilizes you and comforts you if you do get knocked off center. Grounding your inner spirit in God’s love keeps you flowing in love. He is the Conductor and you are on His Love Train that can only stop if you resist His track.

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book:

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