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Practicing Presence of Love

What does it mean to practice? We need to review the word, practice. TO practice infers using the word, “practice,” in terms of action, a verb. It means to perform, rehearse, do, function or give something. When we function from the Presence of Love, it means we are acting as a representative of Love. Since God is the Source of Love, it follows that we must know this Love so we can represent it fully and to the best of our ability. Any practice that we want to do better at, we need to spend time knowing it, studying it and rehearsing it. Since God is not an “IT,” neither is Love. Love is a way of Being. When we practice Love, it is our nature just as it is God’s nature. In order to Be in the practice of giving love, we need to spend time with the Author.

I wonder how much we really know about love in spite of all the volumes and songs written about love. It is my belief, very little is known about the kind of love God designed. As a relationship counselor, I spend a lot of time listening to people complain about the person they “profess” to love. In addition, if I even mention they might want to consider looking at their own practice of love, it is not usually well received at first.

On the Spiritual Path, it is not just a mere mention of love, but a requirement to get to know Love as God Authors the word and expects us to bring it alive through our being. From God’s perspective, love replaces fear (not hatred). Love is the motivator of all things, When you begin with love and you know you are loved perfectly, there is no fear. It is cancelled out. You have Divine assistance in all things so there is no fear. What can happen when you are protected and cared for by the Creator of All things?

Perhaps you are beginning to see that you need to get in the Presence of Love in order to draw from its Source. If so, you are right. The practice is to keep company with God through prayer and meditation. You also can walk and talk with God and ask for His help on anything. You can turn all your concerns over to God and you will find that situations that once triggered you or caused you pain no longer do. You will begin to hear God’s voice. What does it sound like? It sounds like your voice without fear, worry, guilt, obligations full of “shoulds,” complaining and all the other whining you used to do. It is your voice knowing all is well and what doesn’t look well can be resolved without upset.

When you Practice the Presence of Love, you do your part in forgiving and not keeping records on your pain and suffering and when you lapse into the old program, you quickly have a Reminder to Stay centered in love. If you are Present with Love, you cannot lack joy or anything, really. You identify with love and expand to keep yourself in love without letting that peace be robbed by any external person, place or thing. You keep “knowing” it will turn out for good and that God is in control. Love will take care of you. If this sounds simplistic, good because it is! It is liberating. Try it. Keep practicing and stay fixed on the practice! Stay Present with it.

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book:

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