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Connecting to the Sacred and the Sacred YOU

Throughout the struggle of our human conditions, we often ask questions about who we are and what are we doing here. These are usually thought of by most of us as we head down the path of life. These questions are not always answered to the degree that we would prefer. While the answers to these questions remain a bit of a Divine Mystery, there are ways to rise into the “knowing” realm that gives some revelation.

Spiritual intimacy requires that you desire to seek answers and relationship with the Creator of YOU. Some call this Person, The Higher Power, but most think of the Entity as GOD! Within us, we have a part of the Sacred since we are created by that very same Spirit. When we only refer to “us” as a human or mortal self, we are limiting or even….LEAVING GOD OUT OF WHO WE ARE IN ESSENCE! You have free will to do that, but…for me, that is not an option. What would make me not want to rise to the Highest Level of ME?

There is a low self that is filled with ego (edges God out and takes things as a low level “dense” human that is conditioned by other humans under the influence of the human planet). This entity is filled with all kinds of negative energies like fear, duty, guilt, shame and so on. This is a false sense of self because there is so much more to uncover and discover about our inner being.

Intimacy means “into me see” and that will require introspection and taking account of human frailties that only God can heal with His Perfect Love. Get in that close relationship so you honestly take account of your human shortcomings….knowing that your sacred self is redeemed. YOU must choose to move into that Being, however, or you will remain stuck going back and forth (split selves) or continuously being tossed around between two places---this world and the Kingdom of Heaven.

Choose WHO you really are and stay with it . Get to know your true Father who will not tell you lies or “make you feel like” you have to lie because of all your human shame. YOU are able to transcend to your “born again” self with the help of the Holy Spirit telling you WHO you really are in the Kingdom of God!

HAVE NO DOUBT THAT YOU ARE SET FREE WHEN YOU BELIEVE AND RECEIVE THE GOOD NEWS THAT YOU BELONG TO ANOTHER KINGDOM! You must walk in the Spirit with the Spirit Guide to go deeper into the KNOWING of truth with Our Father if you really want that intimacy and reassurance that this IS REAL and TRUE!

Seek ye first, the Kingdom of God!

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