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Practice of Mindful of Love’s Presence

This practice tip piggy backs on the Practice of Presence of Love. I wrote that we have to Know the Author of Love-God in order to practice staying in Love’s Presence. This is an expansion of that practice. In order to grow and mature our Spirit, we need Love as the Main ingredient. One of the major places that needs watering and miracle grow of Love is in our mind. It is in the mind that we get negative and obsess about what is wrong in our life.

In order to get rid of a mind that is full of negative thinking and lots of obstacles that tell you why you can’t get the life you want, you must fill your mind with other thoughts. Thoughts are seeds and if you practice training them to flow in love, you will grow in love. Brain science tells us what we wire together will fire together. That just means that what you connect with, you will set off a brain firing that tracks with that connection. Staying connected to the Mind of Love, God, will keep firing off more love in your mind.

The mindful practice of love is actually so much easier to keep than the one that is full of worry and fear. Some people “think” that if they just love everybody, they will be letting others walk over them. It is actually the opposite. Knowing love allows you to be clear on “yes” and “no.” A loving person knows how to say no. A confused person will often say yes when they would like to say no. Practicing love from God allows you to know when to say no. Another concern of people is that if they love, it means they have to give up the right to be angry and want to avenge when they are wronged. Again, Perfect love has a system that trusts God to take care of judgment and righting wrongs. Love does not mean there are no consequences. It just means you turn them over to your Father, the Father that has a perfect plan for everything.

The mind full of Love enters a higher and deeper state of Being than the transient emotional feeling state that is up and down. The mind that is not trapped in judgments or labels is free to stay in Clear Presence and be filled with Love that sees beyond or through situations. There is no need to project the old shadows of the conditioning of the past onto others. That life is resolved so you can move on and pursue your passions with the Creator. You can fill your mind with freedom to not be offended by others or feel separate and lonely. You are filled and mindful that Love has your back. Relationships suffer when people hold grudges and withhold love from each other. The old way of human conditioning of love is fickle and dependent on moods, etc. The renewed mind is stable and transcends human programs because this mind is full of Source Love and is drawing from inner knowing that is safe and secure.

Try meditating on this early. Then, practice remembering all day that you have empowerment from the Spiritual Realm. Remain in Spirit Power and feel love emanating from that awareness. If you lose focus, pick it right back up before the attack mind fills with negative energy. Practice this daily and watch for changes that are in your best interest. Notice that you form new thoughts that align with Love.

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book:

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