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Treatment of Being Grateful for ALL things

Most humans enjoy being treated well! I have met few humans who do not appreciate kindness and grace. I am assuming the reader of this message feels the same. Have you ever considered treating your own self well? You may be starting to wonder where I am going with this since the title of this writing is about being grateful. The truth is that the attitudinal position of feeling grateful is the BEST treatment for your inner being. When you remain in a steady position of gratitude, it improves your mood, elevating your joy factor. In this position, you will attract more abundance. Like begets like! Of course, the opposite is also true so it bears noting that you want to stay on the upbeat, light side of being thankful instead of ungrateful.

Notice, I also capitalized the word, ALL. I do mean ALL things. We all have good and bad things in our life. It may appear easier to think grateful thoughts for the blessings we deem, “good.” Often, however, it is the sufferings that lead us to the changes we need to make. As a therapist, I am often amazed at how a crisis in a person’s life can be used to wake the person up and bring them into a better place-a place they would have never have gone if they had not had that season of suffering. I am sure that you as a reader of this can reflect on times in your life (now, in hindsight) where you were unhappy or even in a lot of pain, that are now healed and you are grateful for the change they brought.

We are never bound to the past nor chained to our crosses. They are allowed to bring us up to victorious levels when we choose to see them that way. I am not saying to be cheering and pretending things are wonderful in the midst of your suffering. I am saying to find something to be grateful for as you are going through. Along with that, treat yourself well by praying and asking for help to see you through. Be grateful for that powerful help. The more you focus on believing something good will be coming out of it and everything will be okay, the more you stay balanced and don’t let it take you down. Ask others to help encourage you as well…reach out.

Finally, stay in gratitude for your life in general. See it as a story that has a course to take (a journey) that will lead you to higher levels. See your life as a way of being able to gain new perspectives and perceptions that grow and mature your spirit. Be grateful for all these things as opportunities to become whole and connected to the sacred spaces within. As you shift your awareness to this way of thinking, you will not resist changes. You will also be able to know that God knows best and will allow things for your best. There will be a healing of your soul wounds when you stop the fighting, the avoiding and the complaining and agree that good is coming your way. This shift makes all the difference. YOU wake up and find gratitude for everything-yes, all things because you know deep down that all things will end well when you gain an eternal perspective.

Gratitude gives back more than you can imagine. Give yourself this treatment everyday for everything and everyone and you will stop living on the wheel of pain.

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