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Getting to Know Your Father

Are you ready to KNOW? When you perform your daily routines, are you paying attention to your mind and owning your thoughts? When you do your daily schedules, you practice the connection to your Father. YOU keep listening and speaking to His Presence. One of the best times to remain present with HIS Presence is when you are doing your early morning bathroom routines. See the mirror. See the NOW. See and listen to the image in the mirror….experience the Presence of NOW…listen to your inner awareness and stream those thoughts into your awareness. What do you hear?

When I am in my morning activities, I am listening and paying attention to my senses (beyond human senses because you hear beyond your conscious mind). It is not that you are adding extra thought. It is that you are letting a flow be streamed in from a Higher Consciousness. Use all this time as an opportunity for entering into the relationship with Your Father.

Do you see what I am saying? Instead of daydreaming or letting your mind go “mindless,” you are perceiving and paying attention to all that is going on in the Present. YOU get out of your conditioned mind and wake up to your TRUE self that transcends your conditioned or “false self.” Give your fullest attention to what is happening with you in the moment. Curb your desire to think about all that you have to DO today or what “if” happenings that are on your screen.

In other words, do not waste one second—REMAIN awake at all times. Take time to pay attention to what you are thinking in the space time or the “gap” between things that demand your attention vs. those things that you do everyday that are mindless, like brushing your teeth. YOU can bring in Presence into the spaces.

The Presence is the Power of Your Father’s Voice. YOU will be able to hear the one voice that you know is yours aligning with your Creator/Father. When you connect with His love, you will feel peace and able to be in a KNOWING that all is well. Why is all well? All is well because YOU KNOW Love. You are no longer under the influence of humans that do not know or understand you and you have connected to the ONE who understands everything.

Keep paying attention to your Father. He made you and He knows exactly what you need. He has gone to great lengths to get your attention. He has been pursuing you. You can now remember the LOVE that your Father has for you and you will desire more of this intimacy. There is a true relationship between you and the Father that is just beginning. Trust that there is a deeper dimension within you that desires to be known and your Father can remind you about that sense of Identity. He knows you and will shift you into a Higher consciousness where nothing is missing and YOUR Father will fill in all the gaps and questions you have about everything!

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