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Love Others as You Love Yourself in All You Are Given

In my last treatment blog, I wrote to love others as you love yourself at all costs. This treatment practice is one to either expand the other blog or to go hand in hand with it. Wherever you are in life’s journey, there is always an event or something you have been given to deal with which you may judge to be “good or bad” and all that lies between those extremes. The truth is the most loving place to STAY fixed is right in the middle of things with a single-minded stability. When you stay focused on receiving all you are given from one position, that of love, you are not tossed around by life’s ups and downs or back and forths. Furthermore, as you remain steady—not in faking it until you make it through---all the while you are going through anything.

Let me expand what I mean a little more. None of us like crisis in our lives because we judge it to be “not good.” When you have no position of “not good” on your mind’s screen, you are steady and will be given help to go through. The Helper is the Holy Spirit. When you rely on His help, you learn to lean into Love and trust that there is Someone at work looking out for you to take care of the outer movements of your life. YOUR position is to remain constant in your inner movements so you hear the steps to follow. Living this way at all times is the best loving treatment you can give yourself and those around you. Depression and anxiety flee in the face of this position.

You could never be prepared for what or where your life journey will take you. When something appears you did not expect, instead of despair, fear, shock, incomprehension, and a host of other negative spirals that distort clear thinking, remain secure in the Love of God to take you beyond the crisis and turn it out for your good. Our inner purpose can only grow and expand trust in God when the outer world is processed through a calm mind. The Spiritual awakening needed in all of us is to let the outer shell of the “tranced” mind be broken open and feel the need for a deeper inner dimension of love to protect and care for you. Ego needs to collapse because it is unloving and will not allow you to grow under the influence of a too needy human spirit or one that is needless/wantless.

We all need help from God, from our Highest Spirit connected to God and to each other. There is no separation. We can work together through love’s energy. This will not happen with a weak or falsely empowered human spirit. It can only happen through the miracle of Connection with God’s Love. God’s Love forms a better way in all of us to identify as Being to Being. My Spiritual Being of Love will connect to yours in harmony if ego is left out of things. The other way: ego to ego spends its days complaining, whining, blaming, feeling guilty, hating, fearing, pretending or all the other negative mental-emotional states garnered from thinking and talking about all that is awful in the world. This is the way people get stuck and stay in lack or a limited state of unloving behaviors to self and others. Take in more love for all you are given and don’t judge it in any other way apart from working out for your good.

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