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Living from the Scene of Honesty and Transparency

My last blog about spiritual intimacy was called the Divine Dance. Once we can see our journey does have acts or parts and seems to go through stages, it does begin to look like a play or some kind of movie. I spoke of the four acts of creation, the fall of man, redemption and restoration. Hopefully, as a reader and as a journey seeker, you are growing under the influence of a new parent named God. I mentioned last blog that God is the Father and has been referred to as having a bosom. That implies nurture and love without the fear of having to pretend you are perfect.

When your Father sees you as His Perfect Creation and wants to restore you to that State of Being open and honest with your life, you allow more people to see into you freely. You are who you say you are and operate with integrity in that regard. YOU do not feel the need to lie and cover up your shame. You are open to share what you used to do that you no longer care to do as you realize it was destructive to you and others. God has TRANS-parented you with His Love. God is restoring the truth of you.

In truth, all humans are a mess. In truth, all humans need a new life. In truth, only the perfect Son of God can help do that by giving up his First Son position to share it with others. Now, we can all let God crucify us so we can get to the other side NOW! The plan for restoration was the only way we can all get into the equal children position. There is now no Jew or Gentile or male or female, nor any other “special” groups. We are all in need of help, and being saved from our crazy minds.

Letting God see into you---seriously, He already does. He made you and is not unaware of everything you do or have ever done. Then, why doesn’t he stop my crazy? He gave you the freedom to be willing to take His offer or not. A Parent does not need to force a child to love him. No parent wants that. Love is given freely and when it flows from the Spirit of God into us giving us a new bloodstream to boast about, we can all share the good news! We all have the same Father. Our Father is bringing His love down to earth so we can spread it everywhere.

Of course, this is why there are still so many problems in the world. There are many who are either not choosing to receive this good news and share it or God is leaving some blind to it for His own purposes. Since I am not God, I do not know everything or understand how He allows things to not get cleaned up faster. I like to get rid of messes right away, but not everyone is like me. They like messes :-) At any rate, the restoration is still on the docket for any who desire it. All you need to do is ASK and it is given. That begins the Journey. You are ready for seeing behind the scenes and noticing how the setting changes. YOU are living from the other side-the one that is honest and transparent and transformational. It grows better and better each day!

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