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Intimacy is all about familiarity and closeness. There has to be a confidence in caring about the relationship if we have intimacy with another. On a human level, our spirit lets us hear loving words from others that we know love us. We take in what they say and appreciate the words they use that mean the most to us. The human level of love and the words humans use is not enough to connect deeply with Our Father, God. Spiritual Intimacy with God requires knowing His language and His words.

First, it is important to understand that the word love is very different for several reasons. At the base level, human love is corrupt and often very dysfunctional. For example, some people think that someone worrying about them is very loving. God does not put worry in His love language. As a matter of fact, His Word says to not worry or be anxious about anything. Another reason human love is very different is that it is imperfect. WE all have been raised by people who are imperfect and unable to love unconditionally. NO human had perfect love from parents, but the human mind will be very influenced by however their family of origin showed them love (or the lack of it). I won’t add anymore to this because I am sure you see what I mean.

God’s Love is 100% perfect and comes from His Own Perfection as the Author of Love. God is actually LOVE. That is what His Word says to all of us. I love you, all of you and all the time. God cannot go against His Nature of Love. People make up stories about God but that is because they do not know Him. His Word promises that He gives a sound mind ( a mind that is sane and can hear how He speaks words of love) and a spirit of power to give up fear in favor of accepting His Love to care for you.

The Loving Words of God are really powerful because they make such outrageous promises that humans not in relationship with Him think the words are not true. None of that matters, however, if you are seeking a relationship with God, He will show you intimacy by letting you see who He is to you in all things. He will speak through the Holy Spirit to give you help and wise counsel. You will just know what you know. I am sure even the human mind can say that it knows things and does not know exactly “how” it knows them.

The Power of God’s words need to get inside you to take root. That means you have to use your eyes and ears to be listening and looking for what He is saying. This can happen while you are out on a walk. You might have a thought from your own inner voice that you know is a communication or word that is loving. You might be reading Scripture or other Sacred material and hear through the written word. There are numerous ways to hear God’s Words of Love.

Get attuned to His Words in whatever way you can because they are always present!

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