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Don't speak "just words"!

Earlier this month, I wrote about ways to treat ourselves and others by paying attention to our words and the power they contain. This blog is a follow up to that writing. I want to stress how important words are to your life. We speak so many words everyday without even REALLY thinking about what we are saying. It is so easy to get caught up in a story someone is passing on to you or in a strong negative feeling about an even that your words seem to just come flying out before your brain is engaged. Well, that is exactly what is happening.

Our brain is an efficient computer that responds rapidly because it needs to for so many things (like driving decisions, breathing, heart rate, etc.). When it comes to our thoughts about other things, however, we need to slow down and engage with our words. Instead of speaking from racing thoughts or the same old “mind rush” that comes up, take your thought captive before you express. Think with both your mind and heart so you say things lovingly and with wisdom instead of an immature program that you have always used. Consciously choosing words from your true self will give you a substantial change in the way you see yourself and others.

"For those men who, sooner or later, are lucky enough to break away from the pack, the most intoxicating moment comes when they cease being bodies in other men’s command and find that they control their own time, when they learn their OWN voice and authority." (Theodore White)

I love the above quote because not only is it true, BUT it keeps forming a more powerful substance within the person. In our core is truth. We have to access it and we cannot do that by just running with the pack like we did when we were young. When we break out and really gain higher conscious contact with our inner truth, we actually are dealing with “matter” that is of substance. Tangible physical matter comes from people creating and making things that they first thought of in their mind and then, brought into existence. Powerful things like computers are current examples of how ideas begin as small seeds, grow from thoughts and words spoken and finally exist in the physical realm.

Think about what your voice is saying. Dig down into the core of your being and see what you really believe. Then, trust your inner voice to combine with the faith and trust you have in those beliefs and stick with them. Don’t let others influence you away from your values and beliefs without really asking if your thoughts have some substance that matters. Try not to factor in doubt. Share with people that are safe first (not just your friends) like a professional person or someone you know is honest and has integrity.

Substance means the gist of meaning and the essence of something. YOU are a walking being that has dynamic substance in your spirit and your stances on things matter. Open up to trusting that you can bring up things of practical matter as you begin to use words that are well thought out vs. just “talking” in a group think way.

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