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This may sound like a negative title but I use it only to show the power of this blocker. The goal of Spiritual Growth is to ask for help from the Holy Spirit to get you in communication with the Author of All Things: God! So, you definitely want to do and use everything you can to avail yourself to get the “hotline” to the Holy Spirit up and running instead of shutting it down, right?

Are you curious! Well, I will tell you. It is your own human mind! The human mind is a doubting machine set up to help us survive all the “stuff” we have to deal with here. I mean here on the planet, but I also mean how you HEAR in your ear what you see in your eyes. What you see and hear goes into your brain to make sense of and through your heart and emotions to tell you how you feel about it. This makes up a story to help you survive. That is fine and we all need that baseline program because we are limited in understanding due to our double mind confusing us all the time. For an easy example to see what I mean, think of the times when you see something out of the corner of your eye. You may think that thing is a snake at first, but looking at it closer, you see it is just a stick. That is the way the mind tricks us into seeing and hearing things that are not really the way we THINK about them.

We need a Holy Helper if we are to be able to transform the base program of human thinking (using a split brain). The Holy Spirit will help us see and hear with the senses that draws us into Oneness. We need oneness or we will continue to use a chaotic (ADHD brain) or a mind that is confused. I hear people all the time saying, “Part of me thinks……” and “Part of me thinks….” and those two parts are in huge conflict. How is that going to help make the best decisions? It won’t and that is what blocks or hinders using one whole mind and one whole heart that are in agreement.

In order to remove the blocker mind of duality, you will need to gain some trust that you can actually hear the Voice of God within your spirit. You will also need to recognize that your human “being” is limited and double minded without the power of God to bring you up into oneness in your own mind that aligns with God. These are things you do take on faith which is the substance that God works in. Faith is the opposite of fear and fear is the set up for a double mind. Fear scans for good and evil. Fear cannot trust one inner eye. It will always trip to false evidence and make it appear real because it is based on deception and lies.

Remove those hindrances in your mind that lead to doubting God and His love. Take baby steps to let Divine love remove the blinders. You can test and try the faith in God. That is no problem and will not hinder your progress to mature your spirit. The hindrance can only come from you staying in your small mind (ego) and thinking you can figure everything out using a mind that is just the highest form of animal brain and will eclipse enlightenment to move up into the Highest Realms.

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