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Relationship 101: Hook up with the Ultimate Power Source of Love as soon as you can. Otherwise, you will be looking for love in all he wrong places and you will find some words that “charm” you but they may have strings attached that are unloving. Only Source Love, the Divine “line” of God will tell you the truth about yourself and how much you are loved. All other sources are second rate. Does that mean you cannot have intimacy with another human? Of course not. It is God’s plan to spread love between friends and lovers. Loving relationships were designed by God.

When you look around at human relationships, you will see a lot of dysfunction. That is because they do not begin with the base level of hearing true words of love that resonate or vibrate truth at the level of the soul. A starved soul will settle for “crumby” love or just crumbs. God has a continual feast from His Words. They are vast, deep and plentiful. As a matter of fact, just when you think you have heard so much amazing love from God that you are complete, there is more to follow.

Your heart will tell you truth if you are seeking it. God says to seek Him with all your heart. Again, first things first. If you go out and seek love from someone else to complete you, good luck with that one as it will not be happening. I have seen couples who say they are each other’s world. It may sound romantic or be the stuff of Hollywood but it is not healthy. Do you really want to be someone’s whole world or have them be yours? If you do, that is up to you and this blog is not for you. If not, keep reading.

Healthy love based on knowing you are deeply loved by the Father of all of us and the one who designed how all things work best will be the Source you draw from. You will depend on that love alone to sustain you and grow to full spiritual maturity as it never stops flowing, like a river. When you have that love on board, you let it continue to grow by continuing to seek after it and all the rest of your relationships flow better as well.

Remaining open to keep the Gates of God’s Words flowing through you accesses new feelings and emotions that keep you replenished. There is no need to feel tired and anxious or drained by trying to make someone love you. You are love and you walk it out demonstrating it to others. That energy is like a magnet as it flows back to you. It opens doors of new opportunities as you are aligning with Power that loves you and has a great plan for you to succeed in all things and all relationships. Walk in the Way of listening to the Spirit of Love from this Intimate Source and you will want for nothing. You will be well supplied!

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