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My last human treatment blog this month is a continuation of our choice in words that come out of our mouth. I hope you are seeing that these words have to be cultivated and watered as they are not easily changed to a new program that comes from love. We speak so much negativity and complaining in our ordinary daily communication that we must monitor ourselves carefully.

Remember, human treatment means how you treat yourself and others. YOU cannot separate the two. How you treat others comes right back on you because it came OUT of you in the first place. You may be thinking that other people are the cause of your ill-spoken words, but they are not. YOU always have a choice in how you respond to the hurtful words of others. That choice is key to changing form words that curse to words that bless. Those are really the only two options.

Take a deeper look at this. Even if you do not literally use curse words, if you are criticizing or condemning, you are cursing. If you are ignoring, you are cursing because you have decided the person is not worth your time or your words. NOW, to be clear, you may decide that and that is fine, but you have to close the loop by still sending them well wishes and inner thoughts that bless or, the best thing: pray for them because they surely need it.

Words that bless—how do they sound? I ask this question because it is the best way to begin to help yourself shift into speaking from the heart of love vs. the brain of unconscious reactions or a heart that is angry. Think first about how you like to be spoken to and what words do you enjoy hearing about you. These will be the raw materials for what you speak to others. Remember, our words come back to us so you want to get rich raw materials to build some amazing blessing vocabulary words. At first, you might be limited, but soon you will expand as you train your brain to look for more kind and generous things to say.

Of course, I am not saying to be fake and phony. The words of blessing have to come from the heart of truth. Otherwise, you are lying. So, don’t say them if you don’t mean them. Blessings can only happen in word and deed if they are sincere! Ask God to help you shift into being a blessing to others all the time. YOU will feel so much better. There will be no lingering bad tastes in your mouth at the end of the day telling you, “I wish I hadn’t said that mean thing.” There will be no regret that something you said really hurt and now, you can’t take it back. Yes, I am saying that using blessing words brings peace.

Direct your mind and heart to go in this direction and your brain will track right along. Soon, it will be the new program and operating system you use instead of the old double mind that is sometimes blessing and sometimes cursing depending on outer circumstances. NO, you will have a mind and heart that controls the computer brain, not the other way around where the brain hijacks the real you much of the time. Try the way of giving the blessing words to others and let it change everything.

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