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Attractor Factor—What Am I Attracting to Me?

The Spiritual Path continues to unfold before us as we go deeper into our inner woods and look around. I mean there are so many dark places, unknown and mysterious within all of us (meaning, our humanness). WE have so many dark conditions that have been reinforced, it is imperative we keep digging up dirt on ourselves and turning it over to healing and truth telling to Our Father.

Of course, there is the hindrance of not seeing God as your true Father that is a number one hindrance. When you refer to father as only an earth or physical father, you are always speaking of your humanity which is always filled with dirt from the physical realm. It contains your dirt and all the other ancestors in your line that were dirt-filled. It is not necessary to dig them up out of their graves to find out their dirty little (or, big) secrets.

It is imperative vital, however, that you associate with God as your Father and the Holy Spirit provided by Christ to check your vital signs. The vital signs of darkness that typically hinder humans are fear, guilt and shame. This keeps them in hiding to uncovering the truth of their soul and filling it with light so you can mine the deeper mines in you. This will shine the Light into them without fearing what you might find. The skeletons are very important, as you need to stop carrying them and make room for the Mind and Heart of God to reconnect the truth in you.

Our human brains are wired to think in terms of good and evil. God’s Mind is Singly based on Love. All is Good in God’s Mind. It has to be as He is Goodness and Light . This is the truth Christ came to present and you are here to represent over and over. If you think of yourself as a guilty sinner and associate with that identity over the one that was crucified and given a new creature to inhabit, you will be constantly attacked and hindered.

The Attractor Factor in our being will attract what we focus and look upon. Ask yourself what you are drawing into yourself. Are you drawing in shame and guilt by hiding yourself behind and under the burden of those? If so, drop them off at the local garbage dump and pick up a new container that is clean. YOU are a being made whole by the Gift of Love and made possible by Grace to return to that condition. You can stop hindering growth of your new creature by stopping the treatment of your Spiritual Being from a human mind that splits on you and leaves you holding the trash bag!

Take out the dark and moldy garbage you fixate on and think about lovely, pure and wholesome things that will attract more of the same. When you find a dark place that “reminds you of your guilt,” inspect it and treat it to forgiveness from God. You surrender back to God and thank Him for His love and the Christ in you to not condemn you (keep crucifying you) for your darkness. Let it go, bring in the Light and remember that God is not looking at that anymore. It is removed, redeemed and restored to holiness and perfection as He originally made you. Do not cast any more shadows over the lovely Being!

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book:

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