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Achieving and Perceiving from God’s Inner Perfection

Our society validates and pays for performance and effort. If you work hard and put forth effort, or so the story goes, you will be well paid. Of course, this law or belief is not always true. In some cases, it is true that energy directed toward a particular end pays off. This would be true of some degrees or advanced training (medical school, for example) resulting in a high paying job. The money and prestige from lots of effort can show up, but will there be a price to pay?

When we achieve and perceive using effort beliefs of “if I do this, then that will happen,” we naively expect good things will happen. Of course, we know that is not always what does happen. For example, many people went to college and on to grad school and have no jobs that pay what they invested in. Why is this so?

It is always hard to give a simple answer to a complex question, so I will not try. I can say that there are too many dependent variables to make any judgments about outcomes from some of the belief systems humans carry. As a therapist, I see into the minds of many people who are suffering losses of one kind or another. Life is not treating them as they expected. They expected better. This can even happen as in some cases of divorce where two physicians are losing a life they imagined as they toiled through med school and setting up their practices. The dream came tumbling down. I see into these kinds of stories every day.

So, how do we achieve the dreams we perceive and hope for? Here is a simple answer: You open your heart to know that you are on a Spiritual Journey whether you like it or not. If you close off your spirit to God and do not see into His Plans for you and perceive your life outside of His Perspective, you will limit your true self. YOU may achieve prosperity but not happiness or you may achieve happiness, but it is circumstantial. Living from the Spirit of God placed in us, and growing from that perception, will open your eyes to deeper truths that give joy and peace.

Intimacy with God is made possible through the Power of the Holy Spirit which is the indwelling Spirit of God that gives you a whole mind to use (mind, body and spirit connections). This mind collaborates with the truth of you and opens your eyes to Higher Power and Love that energizes you to “do” and achieve from God’s Plan. He has the Manual because He wrote the Book on You. He gave you freedom to pretend you do not need His help so you could see how that works for you.

Perhaps it is time to see into what God has to offer you. You can begin to see that His communication is not only perfect, but will perfect you in ways you could not imagine without it. Apart from this life power, there is no life really. Your identity will be based on world intimacies and they will not fulfill you in the way an inward birth of a new life with new perceptions of you and God can do. Seek and you will find this truth sitting right inside you! Do some intro-spection right now!

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