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The Tongue of Perfect Oneness with Love

Many people ask me “how to do” things that will help them get better in their mind, body and spiritual connections. As a Psychotherapist, many people think I am one who gives advice on HOW TO fix your life. This is understandable since I am a Professional Counselor and have studied best treatment practices for mental health for many years. The truth is, however, that life is not about “fixing” your outer practices or behaviors and hope that will “fix” your problems. Life is REALLY about knowing that our world comes from within. The words we practice in our minds and hearts are what transfer to create the circumstances around us.

The words that come out of our mouth reflect our thoughts, feelings, emotions and how we perceive the world. Perception of the world is what gives meaning to our brain. Some experiences are incredible and some are nightmarish. Most experiences continue to be as we imagine and live in our mind and heart. The more grateful you are, the more you will attract to be grateful for—this is the Law of Attraction. Likewise, the more you complain about your life, the more you focus on all you have to complain about—this is also the Law of Attraction. The brain will stay on the same track we think and practice living on.

One word can change all that pretty rapidly. The word is GRATITUDE. Gratitude puts you in a mindset of being grateful. When your being is full of gratitude, you feel you have plenty and this unlocks more fullness in your life. I am sure you have noticed that some people just seem to attract an amazing life everywhere they go. They are people you love to be around. They are generous and friendly and welcoming. They seem to have an attitude that attracts the good in life.

The opposite of the grateful ones are the complaining ones. Nothing is ever going right. The kids are sick and someone just lost their job. There is a constant stream of “bad luck.” They just seem to attract every “no good, very bad” thing that comes along. These are the complainers that do not count their blessings, but make a practice of letting others know of their plight. They seem depressed, anxious and fearful of what will happen next. They have a right to be since that is how they think.

Living your life is a choice. You can stop complaining and show gratitude and watch things change as you give your tongue a chance to stop complaining and look for joy. Remember, joy is on the inside and it is a built in APP! You do have to download it, though, so you can move and be in gratitude that will override the old program you are used to vocalizing. Complaining may seem like a release in the moment, but it actually just leads to more of the same once you get stuck in that habit.

You are made of Love in Oneness with God; made to think in sync with God and all the blessings this earth has to offer. While it is true that it has plenty of “awful” things going on, you are created to trust God to fix those.

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book:

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