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Treat Yourself and Others to Perfect Patience

Today is my birthday and the best gift I could receive is Patience! Yes, that is right. Patience is a real gift that keeps on giving. When you receive patience, you rid yourself of impatience. Think about this! Impatience has synonyms like irritation, edginess, intolerance, displeasure, exasperation, touchiness, and general annoyance. These are all symptoms of anxiety and even depression. Life could be treated by the word Patience and wipe all those things away. Patience does such good work. It helps us remain calm no matter what is going on around us. It actually holds us in stability and self-control!

What things rob your patience (bother you to the point of annoyance)? For some, it is just “when life happens” or when things get in the way of their plans. These people are almost always edgy and in a hurry. If that is you, slow down and begin to dial down your own expectations of perfection. There is a plan to perfect all of us, but it is often interrupted by our impatience or the WAY the plan has been written. For example, you may have an annoying co-worker that was put there just to help you develop patience so you can take a look at your own character flaws.

Patience is one of God’s best plans for us to eliminate our “flaws” and get through to a calmer way to exist. When we are impatient, God is not. If we give up our tendencies to be “short” with others, we will receive a real benefit by noticing others being more patient with us. WE all make mistakes and need grace. Once we see that, we can listen and respond with treatment that keeps us from “losing it” and remaining calm in all situations. It’s amazing how you begin attracting more things and people you enjoy when you slow down to appreciate your life and treat yourself and others with patience.

Maybe you have not received the success with anything you had hoped for in life. Again, patience begins to tell you that you may have to go through the valleys of life in order to be prepared for the heights. Many people give up in the valley and stay there living in despair. Every God-given vision will become real when we develop the patience to have the faith to wait for the Perfect Timing!

Another area of living that tries people’s patience is relationships. Humans tend to keep “hitting the wall” only to find they are banging their head on the same wall (the one inside themselves) and blaming it on the other person. They do not see their own part in the confusion. There is usually a blind spot that having patience with self and others can heal. Getting past any wall that “drives you crazy” about another person is most often your own shadow or mirror. You see the “crazy” in them but not in your own self. We all try to throw out or throw off what we don’t like onto others and make it appear they are the ones causing the problem.

Ask for Patience everyday. YOU will need heaps of it! You will also realize why I say it is one of the very best GIFTS you will ever receive to develop and grow your spiritual maturity!

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book:

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