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Associate’s Degrees that Hinder Growth

An Associate Degree (or, Associate’s Degree) usually means a two-year course of study one takes to complete a higher form of education. It can be used as a stand- alone program or part of an undergraduate degree. I am using the term to liken it to the process of our Journey into True Identity. We begin our journey not really knowing much about ourselves as we reach the ripe old age of 18. We may THINK we know a lot or even “know it all,” but the truth is that we know very little. We only are known by things and people we associate with, or have been in association with during our first stages of growing up.

Many of our past associations have been part of a program that taught us things ABOUT ourselves, but are not true at all. We all perceive things through the eyes of our teachers (meaning parents and all kinds of teachers—even, peers). Others are the teachers of all humans. Only God is the expert on your true identity. You are not a true expert witness due to past degrees of association with others and how you experienced those times.

The things you learned about yourself may be some of the greatest barriers or hindrances to your true identity because they came from other people’s perceptions of you. Those people (even if they were your parents did not fully know you) as you learned to hide and lie at a very early age to keep yourself out of trouble. You can deny you did this, but the truth is: every kid lies! Some people are definitely pathological liars and some just omit information instead of overtly lying. Be honest-you know you lied to protect yourself.

My point for this blog is that the degree to which we associate with some image others have of us or to the one we craft for ourselves may be close to who we are as a human, but it is lacking the HIGHEST degree of Association when it is not joined to the image God has of you. Since God created you in HIS likeness, it would be good to know Who God is and what He is like. That way you will be able to begin to companion and partner with love and all the other amazing qualities of your true Father. You cannot grow in the Spirit of the "True You" if you do not associate with the Spirit of God.

The Spirit of God has the whole scoop on you and loves you as HE made you not as you perceive. You are made very good from a very good substance. …the best the Universe has to offer. The highest degree of “makings” went into making you. This connects you to inherence or a fixed position of goodness. You have worth and value built-in as essentials provided by the Essence of God’s Spirit. When you begin to associate with that, you connect to a whole realm of union. Your existence and “being-ness” cannot be anything without this connection. Begin to educate yourself to higher degrees of “knowing” more of the Identity you possess as you hear it from the Voice of the Source. You do have to get “connected” in order to hear that voice, however. Don’t worry! God has “wireless” ways to connect if you seek and ask Him for a relationship that relates you to His Perfect Love.

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