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There are quite a few references in the Bible that make it clear we can think of ourselves and other believers as being made perfect. Of course, this is hard for any of us who have some humility to imagine being perfect. However, that is the point. We are not perfect as a human being no matter how hard we try. The Scriptures refer to the face that we know of Christ in HIS grace and power so that gateway is the way to be opened to living a life of Christ perfectness. His Spirit gets all the glory and credit whenever anyone else sees that light reflected through us that will remind them of the goodness of God.

Think of it this way. I am an imperfect human. However, I recently received a birthday card and on the front it said, “the best things in life aren’t things,” and inside, it read: “…they’re the special people God brings into our lives to remind us of His goodness…wonderful people like you.” It humbles me to think that I could be used to remind someone of God’s goodness (His perfection), but that is just who we are…not even who we are called “to be” because in the natural, no one could see a perfect God in you. However, when we are in Spiritual Intimacy with God and are filled by His love, we can love one another from “God LOVE.” This kind of love flows from His dwelling in the midst of our hearts. It moves through union with the Holy Spirit, and communicates it out to others. We may not even realize that kind of holy communion, but others notice as it is rare to see or feel unconditional love.

There are three aspects to our being a perfect being in Christ. In the beginning when God created us, we were made in His image and considered “very good” before the fall of adam. As the second Adam, Christ came and gave us a new nature for all to share. He gave His own perfect life for us to partake of and be reunited to our perfect state, not just judicially, but as an actual spiritual reality in our intimacy of joining in union with His resurrection. He did ALL the work of perfecting us that we could not do after the sin of the first Adam entered all human lines. The third aspect is our perfection as the Holy Spirit is given to unite us with a new life. The Spiritual implant gives us direct access to Our Father. As the new life grows from the Seed of the Holy Spirit, we are given a new mind and a new heart with the power to grow and fill our life with perfection from the Fruit of the Holy Spirit.

All of this perfection is appropriated to us as we transfer out of the old life into the new intimacy with Our Father through the Spirit of Christ made alive within. As our faith grabs hold of this and feeds upon the truth (meditates) and yields more and more flesh over, perfect in Christ will become a present and practical reality through our daily experience with the Master teaching new ways and meanings to life. The measureless love of Christ living within is felt as a Spiritual Presence of love and power to guide and help us transform out of the old and into the new. A maturity and higher level of understanding wakes us up through this intimate relationship. No more just a mere ideal, it becomes more real and empowering in our daily walk.

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