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God promised in His WORD (holy Scripture) that His words would be sent forth out of His mouth and they would not return void. (Is. 55:11). The message is clear that He sends out promises and when you believe in them, you will not be empty-handed as they do the work He intends them to do. In other words, His Words complete the assignment He gives them. Even as a “human,” we give our word. If you are a person of integrity and you give your word (your promise) to do something, you will do it. Imagine how much more the Perfect God who made the Universe will keep His Word.

This is why it is so important to read THE WORD (holy Scriptures). When you know how God operates (or, have some idea) and how beneficent He is to His children, you want to develop a practice of getting to know more of His Word. In First John, we are also reminded that the WORD was from the beginning when God first spoke things into existence. The WORD of all life is God and He has the form of His own Spirit to breathe life into His Word. His Son is the living, breathing WORD. WE are made to hear His Word(s) as Jesus made it clear that His Sheep would know His Voice and follow Him. We are His Sheep and need to be practicing hearing His Word.

The Word is full of promises. When we read ABOUT them or just hear ABOUT them from others, we are not practicing Getting to Know the Word. Think of “THE WORD” as a Being. Remember, this Being is not like a human being. This BEING has all the power, all the knowing, and all the presence that transcends time and space. The practice of knowing God through the Power of the whole Spirit in all things is a holy practice as you are communicating with the Sacred Spirit of God and His WORD. We can KNOW THE WORD by the One who came from heaven as a free GIFT and in the manner of His coming, gave up His place to come to earth to bring THE WORD so it would be available to dwell within all of us.

God’s Word of Promise now indwells all those who choose to have it be their operating system and make them fruitful from Home Base or the Kingdom of Heaven. Again, knowing THE WORD makes it easy to know the kingdom of heaven is not just out there in space, but it is in the space that once separated you from it. There is no empty place in you when you are full of the WORD. You are able to receive THE WORD and be downloaded with understanding and free from having your will taken over by feelings of lack and having to do it on your own effort.

THE WORD promises to give you things you did no earn and works to endow you with a rich and abundant life. Why aren’t more people living this life based on the WORD? Most people discount it as “poppycock” and go about their own way. They do not read THE WORD nor do they spend time relating to it. Like any course, you need to spend time learning to gain mastery and understanding. When you study and get filled with the WORD, you bring new thoughts to work for you as you grow and feast upon more and more promises. The Practice of Being in the Word will not disappoint you and you will hunger for more as you lean into it and learn to value it.

Blessings, Susan Frink Anderson new book:

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